Fans are using any clues they can find to help build their theories. Some theories are based on the season 4 cliffhanger, some are based on small details shown in the show, and others seem to be wishful thinking. While some theories are just outright insane -- such as the suggestion that Berlin may still be alive -- other crazy theories seem plausible.

10The Professor Will Be Forced To Mislead His Group

Season 4 ended with Alicia Sierra tracking down the professor and holding a gun to his head. No one is sure what the next move is here as Sierra is an extremely vindictive woman, furious about the way the events of the heist have gone.

This has led some to speculate that Sierra will force The Professor to turn on his group, intentionally misleading them. While some may argue that The Professor would never do that, as Berlin said in his flashback, everyone can be persuaded. If Lisbon's safety and freedom is guaranteed, it is possible that The Professor would be willing to make a deal.

9Alicia Is Faking Her Pregnancy

It is clear that Sierra is not a compassionate person. In fact, this character often comes off as a psychopath as she ruthlessly tortures, interrogates, and attacks the gang. Still, it seems clear that Sierra at least cared about her husband. While Alicia seems to be pregnant, she does not take any of the precautions that pregnant mothers typically take. She is often shown smoking, drinking coffee, and eating candy.

With this child having a strong connection to her deceased husband, it seems odd that Alicia wouldn't do a bit more to care for her unborn child. Additionally, fans have seen that Alicia is the master of manipulating other people's emotions and perceptions. It is possible that she is faking her pregnancy to impact the perception others have of her?

8Gandia Is Still Alive

Money Heist Gandia

Gandia caused a lot of trouble for the gang when he broke out of his handcuffs and launched a counter-attack on them. He injured several of them and killed Nairobi, a major fan-favorite character. Though he initially fought back, he was eventually convinced to go along with a plan that helped Lisbon break into the facility.

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But Gandia once again tried to escape and he was seemingly killed, falling to the ground. The characters danced around him and celebrated Libson's arrival, but they paid little attention to Gandia at their feet. While it seems odd for them to be celebrating their triumph without checking to make sure Gandia is no longer a threat, the death of a character this significant would likely have more focus. The camera did not pan over his dead body, and many fans have a hard time believing a character is dead if they don't see it for themselves.

7Alicia Joins The Gang

Sierra does not like to be pushed around or mistreated. While she was dedicated to taking down The Professor and his team, this was purely as it was her job and has nothing to do with what Alicia feels is "right." When information about the torture Rio experienced was released, Alicia was pressured into taking personal responsibility to save the perception of the government.

Of course, Alicia is not the character to take a fall for anyone else and so she decided to out the truth instead. The police began to hunt her and she tracked down The Professor without sharing the information with them. Many have a hard time imagining Alicia turning around and helping the people who tried to force the blame on her, so perhaps teaming up with the robbers is her next move.

6Tatiana Will Help The Police

Money Heist Berlin and Tatiana

In the flashbacks to the time where the Bank of Spain heist was being planned, Berlin is celebrating his wedding with a woman named Tatiana. Berlin has shared information about the plan with Tatiana and The Professor continuously warns him about how dangerous this is. It seems clear that Tatiana will come into play in the present but she has not yet appeared.

Berlin's relationship with Tatiana has obviously come to an end and considering what fans know about Berlin, it seems highly likely that it didn't end well. Now that the police are offering a high cash reward for information about the heist, it seems plausible that Tatiana will come forward to collect.

5Tatiana Will Save The Professor

If Tatiana doesn't come forward to help the police, then perhaps she will come forward to help The Professor. Sergio likely would have considered this loose end and although we haven't seen her yet, it is possible that Tatiana is somehow involved with the plan. With The Professor currently in a precarious situation, it is possible Tatiana will emerge to save the day.

4Tokyo Is The Only Survivor

Tokyo is the narrator of the story, talking about the events of the heist in the past tense. Although Tokyo is the narrator, the show is an ensemble show with many characters receiving equal screentime. The question then becomes, why is Tokyo the only one telling the story?

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It is clear from her narration that the heist will not go off as smoothly as they hoped. This has led many to come to the dark conclusion that Tokyo will be the only one out of the group to survive the heist.

3Tatiana And Alicia Are Related

Money Heist Tatiana and Alicia

There is a striking resemblance between Tatiana and Alicia. The two also seem to have similar attitudes and mannerisms. This has caused many to believe that the two are one and the same.

But there are several problems with this theory, including the age difference, lack of knowledge about certain events, and certain characters not recognizing her. It seems far more likely that these characters are related to each other.

2The Gang Will Fire Gold Nuggets Into The Crowd To Escape

Nairobi was in charge of the gold in the heist. Under her guidance, gold bars were melted into golden nuggets. While fans originally assumed this was to make it easier to carry the gold out, there are several clues that imply there may be something else going on here. Firstly, this heist is about getting Rio back, not making a profit. Secondly, The Professor said to the group that they would not get out without the gold.

There doesn't seem to be a secret tunnel or back entrance like shown in the first heist. Is it possible the gang is planning to blast gold nuggets into the crowd to escape? They have already rained money into the streets to cause chaos so it's possible they plan to do this again. When considering the similar dress the crowd outside is wearing and their focus on framing this heist as a revolution, it seems likely that this is their escape plan.

1Lisbon Will Be Shot By The Police

When The Professor was younger, his father was shot by the police while exiting a heist. This led The Professor to live a life of isolation with few connections until he planned the Royal Mint heist in honor of his father. But now, The Professor has broken his number one rule and formed a connection with Raquel.

With the series coming to an end, it seems likely that Lisbon will be shot trying to exit the heist. This would bring the story full circle and send The Professor back into a withdrawn isolated lifestyle, something which actor Álvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, said he would like to see